赤塚の住宅/House at Akatsuka | 七島幸之 + 佐野友美

所在地 構造規模
東京都板橋区 地上2階(木造) 
竣工年 延べ床面積
2012年 77.51㎡


Having the situation being common in Tokyo, this narrow L shaped site has the area of approximately 85 square meters. In the south side of this site, the sunshine is interfered with by the next house that was built close to the site, the neighboring entrance being placed just in front of the approach of the new house. In the north side of the site, there is a parking lot now, but as seen in a typical dwelling area in Tokyo, this side of the site also might be surrounded by the buildings of the neighbor around in the future.

We tried to get a level of privacy in this surrounded environment, while putting the natural light into the new house effectively. The walls that conceal the dweller’s private life from crowded environment were set up along site boundary, and the inside area got by that was furthermore divided into two areas; outdoor terrace and internal room, in accordance with neighboring environment and a direction of sunlight.

In a range of the volume that is allowed in height regulation of The Building Standard Law, each room was placed considering the rationality of the functional connections.

And in order to be able to deliver the natural light to whole of the building, we tried to create fluidity of the internal space by providing the internal areas on skip floors of the half floors difference. On the main floor, the two areas the living area and the terrace were placed close, and on the upper level the sanitary area and the washing terrace similarly.

Each two areas on the two levels were linked each other by the stairs inside and outside around the central void in a loop. The vista of the circulation around the central void offers unique barrier-free feeling between the interior and exterior space to the dweller.

photo:URBAN ARTS / Shinsuke Kera、アトリエハコ